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AllinCrypto is far more than just my name online, it is a one stop shop for everything crypto. First introduced to the crypto space in 2011, with the dawn of silkroad I started off learning about Bitcoin ‘this internet money’ as it was often referred to. Fascinated with not only the financial aspect of it but also the social. Fast forward to 2017 and like many I bought my first cryptos in the mania, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Xrp and many others from the 2017 bull market. 2018 rolled around and brought with it my first experience of getting REKT. 2018, 2019 was for many a horrible time in the markets, but for me it was the years that changed my life forever, as the price appreciation of these tokens was now out the window, I studied these individual blockchains as I had once done with bitcoin. what I found was the next revolution brought about by blockchain.  

my goal

Share my knowledge 

As someone with over 7 years of experience as a crypto investor, as well as nearly 12 as a speculator on this industry, I’ve watched the crypto space grow and get to where it is today. On this journey I have had great success as an investor, not without making many mistakes along the way. I would like to share my knowledge with you and prevent you from making the same mistakes I did. During my time I have also gained a good understanding of markets, and have had many great mentors. Unlock years of knowledge and fast track your way to becoming a successful crypto investor.

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the journey

An introduction 

Watch this video presentation to get to know me and what it is we are trying to do here

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Interviews with crypto pioneers

We have and continue to interview some of the brightest minds in the crypto space, and the financial markets

John Woods

CTO Algorand . 

Derek Yoo

Founder Moonbeam

Bill Laboon

POLKADOT Education

…. and many more